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WIP - Epic Yarn Patches by 0f-The-Stars WIP - Epic Yarn Patches :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 10 6 The Fledgling - Chapter #2 by 0f-The-Stars The Fledgling - Chapter #2 :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 24 10 The Fledgling - Chapter #1 by 0f-The-Stars The Fledgling - Chapter #1 :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 16 18 Self Portrait + Question for you all by 0f-The-Stars Self Portrait + Question for you all :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 2 17 Lady of the Fire by 0f-The-Stars Lady of the Fire :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 13 9
The Fledgling - Prologue
“We need to leave now. The council has been scattered and the villages overthrown. He's now in control.”
“How will we escape? His seekers are everywhere. How can we protect our little one? She's just a fledgling and she hasn't learned how to fly yet.”
“I know, but we don't have a choice. It's nearing dusk. We should be able to slip away in the night with all the chaos going on.”
“What about the others? Us Sphere Doomers aren't the only ones who now have a target on our backs.”
“Look, this planet is no longer the safe haven it was when we first arrived. He’s too strong. There's nothing we can do for them now.”
“We can't just leave them! I know we can't defeat him either, but there is one person who can. The hero of Dreamland.”
“When night falls we’ll leave this planet to find him. That's the last hope we have.”
The two Sphere Doomers gave each other a silent nod. Neither of them kn
:icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 5 9
Gift for Ilikecereal449 by 0f-The-Stars Gift for Ilikecereal449 :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 9 0 The Explorer by 0f-The-Stars The Explorer :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 39 4 Oh hello there - Art trade w/ DrawNote by 0f-The-Stars Oh hello there - Art trade w/ DrawNote :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 8 11 Random Lineart Fluff by 0f-The-Stars Random Lineart Fluff :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 11 5 Alone - Contest Entry by 0f-The-Stars Alone - Contest Entry :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 21 10 School Doodles by 0f-The-Stars School Doodles :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 11 19 Me right now by 0f-The-Stars Me right now :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 2 8 Art Trade with StellarPixel64 - Sayumi by 0f-The-Stars Art Trade with StellarPixel64 - Sayumi :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 12 5 Ali - Reference Sheet by 0f-The-Stars Ali - Reference Sheet :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 14 13 Icon for ilikecereal449 by 0f-The-Stars Icon for ilikecereal449 :icon0f-the-stars:0f-The-Stars 2 8


Kirby Flight by Rakugaki-otoko Kirby Flight :iconrakugaki-otoko:Rakugaki-otoko 106 4 Kirby's 25th Anniversary traditional art by CatyTem Kirby's 25th Anniversary traditional art :iconcatytem:CatyTem 14 16 Galactic Nova by rollatornewspappergi Galactic Nova :iconrollatornewspappergi:rollatornewspappergi 13 8 Happy Birthday Kirby!!!! by CC3TheArtist Happy Birthday Kirby!!!! :iconcc3theartist:CC3TheArtist 31 10 Orange Ocean by amaitsuno Orange Ocean :iconamaitsuno:amaitsuno 64 13 Perfect Little Flan by epesi Perfect Little Flan :iconepesi:epesi 37 23 Data by Kittencraft Data :iconkittencraft:Kittencraft 2 0 4th Wall Economics by Raddaman8000 4th Wall Economics :iconraddaman8000:Raddaman8000 16 14 Magolor by Crystallic-Scoper Magolor :iconcrystallic-scoper:Crystallic-Scoper 37 16 Portrait of Marx by epesi Portrait of Marx :iconepesi:epesi 339 76 Marx: The Daily Struggle by Lunar-Xerneas Marx: The Daily Struggle :iconlunar-xerneas:Lunar-Xerneas 12 7 Marx vs. Dab by Lunar-Xerneas Marx vs. Dab :iconlunar-xerneas:Lunar-Xerneas 8 5 Bandanna waddle dee by BeforeWeShatter Bandanna waddle dee :iconbeforeweshatter:BeforeWeShatter 35 7 Versus Landia! by Lunar-Xerneas Versus Landia! :iconlunar-xerneas:Lunar-Xerneas 53 10 I wanted to show you by PaperLillie I wanted to show you :iconpaperlillie:PaperLillie 139 96 Late birthday gift by Kibyknightchiu Late birthday gift :iconkibyknightchiu:Kibyknightchiu 9 5


It looks amazing! I neeed it nowwwww. Sadly I don't have cable so it's going to be forever till I'm going to see it. For the longest time the 10th doctor was my favorite but now I've gotten really attached to 12 and this is going to be his last season! No I can't lose him!! He's my new favorite! *sobs*
Remember Prince Fluff from Kirby Epic Yarn? It is SO HARD to draw him without him looking like he's about to murder something! He has such thick bold slanted eyebrows. It's also surprisingly my first time drawing him.
You guys are all just so sweet and kind and amazing. Thanks so much! :D
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So I took this little quiz where I guesses what Kirby character are you based on your personality.

Here's a link! Try it out and comment below what you got. I'd love to see it! :dummy:
Oh and MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER HONESTLY! otherwise it wouldn't be accurate.…

Aaaaaand *drum roll*

I got Bandana Dee. :D

Here's what it said "Congratulations,  you are Bandana Waddle Dee! You are fiercely loyal to those you choose to follow and you do so happily. You are brave in battle and will always be there to fight alongside your friends!"

That fits very accurately to me. I'm happy with it.
It also said I was really close to being Kirby and Adeleine.


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United States
- Call me Reanna, Re, or even Chicken nugget
- Night Owl
- Tea, Earl Grey, Hot
- Plays ukulele
- Theme song: Beliver by Imagine Dragons

I love drawing cute things and I get overly attached to fictional characters. I'm a bit shy, but once you get to know me you'll see I'm crazy. Get me talking about something I'm passionate and I won't shut up for days.



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I was and still am going through a hard time at home even though I don't really show it on here. I'm really sorry for what happened. Could we start over?
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